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"BREAKING NEWS: Manuela Mihaileschu Resigns from Rochester Town Board"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess she was more interested in maintaining her "story" that she lives in Rego Park Queens, and thus resigned her Councilwoman position, instead of fessing up that she really lives in the Town of Rochester and facing "making a false statement" charges and facing a $500,000 fine or up to 5 years in jail or both.

Also, how can he (the husband) "live" in an apartment at the commercial property? Is it zoned for that?

1:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like their plan is to sell the Brick House and keep the new commercial "barn antique store" with the "apartment where the husband lives".

How can that be legal? If it is zoned commercial, how can there be a residence in the commercial business? If is residential and that is a home occupation for them, then they can't keep the home occupation without the home.

2:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on breaking the story. When you're hot, you're hot.

6:26 AM

Anonymous Know the facts First said...

There is no law prohibiting the ownership of multiple residences. The key question of legal residence is WHERE the individual is enrolled to vote. Does that person's NYS Driver License list that particular residence? Obviously, Ms. Mihaileschu was an enrolled voter in the Town of Rochester and considered that her legal address for all intent and purposes.

7:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blaber, stop shilling for Bernardo will ya? Who the Hell cares about Rochester anyway?

8:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

still not as stinky as what dart did to Mike Madsen by a long shot,,,

no one's house is clean, look @ all the illegal occupancies in the Democratic members of the Senate & Assembly.

Glass Houses, Jeremy ??? come on,, be fair !!!

10:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the husband has claims he lives in a commercial (barn)
property ( he is not zoned for a residential dwelling) Jon Dogar has NOT

They are also pretending on Federal Documents that all the land is worthless,
this is yet another false statement.

Drive by you can put a few buildings right by the road.
More lies .. take your snake oil
and get out of town. Just think.. these two were trying to get into County Politics. Very scary.
The town of Rochester should get the money back they paid her for being on the board for two years as she was not an ulster county resident.

Someone should take her to court and sue her.

10:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't she the woman with the pornogrpahy issues a few years back. I just googled her name and her name comes up embedded in a bunch of sites that link to porn.
What's that all about?

11:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks like a Bankruptcy scam to me with lies all around. In order to double dip on exemptions Jon is claiming that he lives in some sort of illegal apartment above their antique barn/store and Manuela is claiming that she lives in a co-op in Queens which they also rent out for income, as stated on Jon's side of the bankruptcy forms.

The Town of Rochester Building Inspector, and the Ulster County Health Dept. (ooops, almost forgot about that) and the Assessor for the Town of Rochester (oops, almost forgot about that one too, is this yet another deal of places not on the tax roles?) should be all over this illegal apartment. Perhaps the Town should try to re-coup the wages paid to Manuela while she was falsely representing herself as a town resident and getting paid to serve on the town board.

I had a chance to carefully read their Federal Bankruptcy Petition and related filings, the Feds should also carefully read these too because Manuela and Jon seemed to have pulled a fast one in order to get more exemptions then they would normally be entitled to.

I hope these two dirt-bags are planning to leave Ulster County for good. In just a few short years, they leave in their wake a fractured Rochester Republican Committee, tens of thousands of $$$ in unpaid local debt, thousands of dollars in legal costs for their ridiculous lawsuit against the Town of Rochester, a huge ugly steel commercial building on what used to be a beautiful meadow adjacent to an historic dutch barn which will now only add to rural blight, Jon's divisive mean-spirited web site has done so much harm in the Town of Rochester that not just speaking at a public meeting puts a person, including their family and friends, at risk for ridicule and worse, and last but not least, due to Jon's philandering lack of self control and disrespect for his wife, there is a local family, including four school aged children, that has permanently split up after the affair between the wife and Jon become common knowledge around town.

Three cheers for the Mihailescu-Dogar-Marinesco's, you may be the biggest force of personal destruction Ulster County has seen since Hurricane Floyd! Good Riddance!

11:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When these two were going up in flames financially
they continued their vicious attacks against both
REPUBLICANS and DEMS claiming they were victims on anything and everything.

If they had spent the same amount of energy Looking for a job many they wouldn't be in this sorry

This guy has too much hatred and it bit him in the end.

They never knew what the truth was.. telling so many tales. If you study Bankruptcy Filing
he claims he rents out his Queens apt for 1,900
a month and it goes back a few years claiming
that is all he ever made.
Looked at his barn grant he applied for and he then states he made 40,000 a year.

This guy has told too many lies. All of these documents are either state or federal and subject to perjury. Sounds like grifters to me.

2:23 PM

Anonymous Amy Diaz said...

Umm, Jeremy is not obese and talking about his demise? You guys are a bunch of sick fucks!

3:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading one of the comments here, I too checked out this topic as I have every time it comes up. It is absolutely consistent. If you search for "Manuela Mihailescu" it comes up, as it always does, embedded in streams of words and cyber junk on at least one website that leads to pornography. This has been a continuous pattern for many years. The feeder sites all lead back to the same group of seemingly related porn businesses. Some would say this is a coincidence. However, this next part really cannot be a mere coincidence - if you do the same search with "Jon Dogar Marinesco" again in quotes, you end up at more porn sites that lead to the exact same origin of a porn business.

I have tested this over and over, throughout the years, whenever the subject comes up and have ended up with the same outcome. I believe it is reasonable to assume there is a relationship. If you think it is merely a coincidence try it with your own name, your brother's name, your neighbor's name... any name that will not naturally end up with millions of hits, and you will almost invariably not end up on a porn site.

I firmly believe that at least one person in this couple is a cyber vendor of pornographic material. While this is legal, last time I checked, sexy adult images were legal and some people are clearly not offended by it. However, I find it to be a hypocritical business for someone who has also spent the better part of the last several years pounding out such strong armed right wing flotsam that even average local Republicans find him to be essentially psycho.

Here's the other really hypocritical thing; while espousing the highest degree of right wing American white Christian family values as if only those with the same points of view had any decency, this same guy was having a torrid and rather public extra marital affair with another man's wife and mother of four.

So, here we have a pornographer who is sleeping around and perhaps lying on NYS grant applications, and it appears finally scamming the US Gov't (yes, we, the people) on the bankruptcy while attacking the Ulster County Republican Committee for not nominating his wife who doesn't even reside here. This all could have been avoided if he had gotten a JOB! I'm sure this guy has primo opinions about people on welfare, unemployment or other forms of public and private relief - I can just here him refer to all of them as a bunch of communists scum-- welcome to the breadline DUDE!

Maybe Manuela has also been a victim here, maybe. I can tell you this; Francis Gray, Pam Duke et al were not incorrect in terms of asking probing questions regarding this pornography link, that still exists to this day. Perhaps they were not as diplomatic about it as they could have been, but they were not wrong to seek the truth as this has now really come back to embarrass the Town of Rochester.

5:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your sources are wrong Jeremy.
There has been no resignation.

7:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the Blue Stone Press 7/19/09: "Supervisor Chipman referred the matter to Town Attorney Mary Lou Christiana and to the NYS Assn of Towns for opinions. The opinions, he told the BSP, which he received 7/15/09 state that Mihailescu is REQUIRED to RELINQUISH her seat on the board" "Mihailescu told the BSP that she will not respond to anonymous allegations"

What is this woman Mihailescu, a psycho? The allegations are not anonymous, and they are not allegations. The bankruptcy is a FACT and it is not by an anonymous party. The bankruptcy was issued by the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. The person who photocopied them and sent them out was anonymous. There is a big difference between the two. But of course anyone who knows Mihailescu understands that she would fail to understand the difference between these two points. Sure Manuela, stay silent on those anonymous "allegations". Mihailescu goes on to say in the BSP that "The [Town] Board should do whatever they want" she said "it's their choice". Again, is she psycho? NO Manueala, it's not THEIR choice, it is what is REQUIRED by law.

As for someone challenging her Leg petitions, if she has accurately put her residence on her legislature petitions like she and Jon did on the bankruptcy petition - she will have no problem. As Catalano said in the BSP "one is not required to be a resident to run for a seat on the County Legislature". If she put her Kerhonkson address on her Leg petitions, she may have some splaining to do to the bankruptcy court. Remember, she (and Jon) just SWORE, in March 09, under penalty of law ($500,000 fine or 5 years in jail or both) that SHE lives in Rego Park Queens AND has a separate household from Jon. That benefited they two of them, that's what the extra money is for every month. If she really lives in Kerhonkson, say bye bye to that exemption. Manuela for County Leg? Doubtful.

8:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey 7:59, if Ms. Mihailescu as you put it was an"enrolled voter in the Town of Rochester and considered that her legal address for all intent and purposes"then why didn't she just say that on her bankruptcy filing? Why then say that you live in Rego Park Queens? It reeks. Why not say Jon lives in Rego Park and Manuela lives in Kerhonkson. Or maybe that was the time period when Jon was effing Trisha Kortright in Manuela's house and Manuela had left and really was living in Rego Park. Then I guess the NYS Assn of Towns is correct and she needs to relinquish her Council seat immediately.

If she wants to plead that she doesn't live in Rego Park, and she "really" lives in Kerhonkson, then like 8:17 said, she has some "splainin" to do to the Bankruptcy court, and maybe to Holley Carnright. Unless of course, she has already notified the Court of her change of address. Yea right.

9:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are pathetic. Glass houses...You all live in them.

10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen the bankruptcy filing by Manuela Mihailescu and Jon Dogar-Marinesco. They are everything that is wrong with this country and are part of the problem that led to the banking meltdown. They took a mortgage with Indy Mac Bank that they couldn't afford. ($400,000). Then they took a second mortgage with Indy Mac bank ($100,000) for what I assume was to build their commerical bank/antique store building where Jon has the alledged illegal apartment. Then they ran up close to $500,000 in credit card debt, and debt to local vendors. They also didn't pay their school taxes to Rondout Valley, their town taxes to the town of Rochester, or thier IRS taxes. Anyone who votes for this woman to be a County Legislator is insane.

Indy Mac Bank First Mortgage $402,375
Indy Mac Bank Second Mortgage $100,784
Rondout Valley CSD $ 1,625
Rondout Valley CSD $ 6,060
Rondout Valley CSD $ 130
IRS 2007 Tax $ 4,269
Advanta Bank Corp $ 21,179
Advanta Bank Corp $ 7,317
American Express $ 137
American Express $ 6,391
American Express $ 11,483
American Express $ 9,936
American Express $ 24,485
AT&T Universal Card $ 10,938
Bank of America $ 14,618
Bank of America $ 20,197
Bank of America $ 10,378
Bank of America $ 16,207
Bank of America $ 20,974
Capital One $ 896
Capital One $ 4,302
Capital One $ 456
Capital One $ 2,475
Chase $ 2,759
Chase $ 3,521
Chase $ 11,134
Chase $ 10,464
Chase $ 9,700
Chase $ 16,668
Chase $ 17,480
Chase $ 18,828
Chase Cardmember Services $ 4,203
Citi Dividend Platinum Select $ 16,542
Citi/Aadvantage - American Express $ 111
Citibank Checking Plus $ 6,080
CitiBusiness / Aadvantage$ 13,436
CitiBusiness / Aadvantage$ 19,992
CitiGold / Aadvantage $ 935
Discover Card $ 7,601
Discover Card $ 8,656
Discover Card $ 266
First Equity $ 9,192
First Equity $ 14,810
Juniper Visa Card $ 2,875
Mombaccus Excavating, In Kerhonkson $ 10,993
Paul J. Mele, PE Gardiner $ 600
WaMu $ 9,539

8:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its actually sad to watch this unfold. Manuela is not a stupid person, but you wouldn't know by watching the choices she has made.

It seems that although the Rochester Town Board, with the unambiguous backing of both their attorney and the Associations of Towns has made it very clear to Councilwoman Mihailecu that she is required by law to step down. Mihailescu is being defiant by refusing to resign.

It wouldn't surprise me if she also plans to continue her fractious battle to run for County Legislature. She and her husband are two of the most unyielding and stubborn people I have ever met. I am also certain that this is some sort of cultural behavior taught to them by their upbringing under a Communist dictator. They have never processed that this behavior represents one of the worst offenses by the Romanian Communists. I could go on and on, but these two will never understand how here in the US, we self govern by using our votes as a form of negotiation. Those who last and eventually are considered good leaders are the ones who know that you have to choose your battles wisely; work with others, including those you disagree with; yield for the greater good; and most importantly - what it means to be team player, especially when you are asked to hit a sacrifice fly or take a bunt!

Manuela and Jon have never shown any understanding of the above. They have demonstrated over and over that they believe yielding on any subject is a deficiency. They could never understand that their stubbornness is exactly like Ceauşescu - totalitarian and defiant till the end. They just simply will never get it!

So here's the deal:

Either Manuela and Jon have made a false statement to the US Government in order to retain a 2nd $50,000 exemption in their joint bankruptcy - subject to a $500,000 fine or up to 5 years in jail or both, for each. -OR- Manuela announces that she has overstepped in her assertions that she is a resident here in Ulster and she intends to correct this error immediately by apologizing and resigning from the town board and withdrawing her legislative petitions, thus her bid for county legislature is terminated.

Gee whiz: 5 years in jail at age 57 or so, plus a felony prosecution and a debt to the US Gov. for 500,000 - for each of them or stepping down and maybe even getting a real job, turning your life around and dare I say it - it would also be nice if the two of you could STFU for a while.

I know what I would do. Even your hero Sarah Palin knew what to do when the proverbial shit was hitting her fan. Just watch these two stubborn fools plant their feet in and refuse to yield on this, all while wrapping themselves in our flag as they self-immolate.

1:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there isn't a law, there should be one, that if you aren't paying your taxes, that as an elected official, you will not be paid a salary by the taxpayers until you have paid what you owe in taxes.

It galls me to think that not only are my tax dollars paying her, but that she isn't paying her taxes. She owes over $7,000 in school taxes. And that means that all the other taxpayers have to make up what she is not paying.

Anyone who has a credit card or does banking business with any listed by the previous poster will be affected by the banks having to absorb Ms. Mihailescu's bankruptcy.

I love the comment about how Ms. Mihailescu doesn't respond to anonymous allegations. These are not allegations, they are facts. I think she needs to respond.

And the other poster was right about her saying that the town board can do whatever they want - it's their choice. Maybe in her world people can do whatever they want, but in the real world, we have laws that we are governed by. Mr. Chipman and the rest of the Town Board will have to do whatever the law says - not whatever he "wants" to do - it's not their choice.

And as her running for Ulster County Legislature. Surely you jest.

3:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of you following this story from outside of the Town of Rochester, here's an interesting tie to someone that everyone knows. Glenn Noonan is soley responsible for recruiting Manuela Mihailescu to run for Ulster County Legislator. Nice job vetting candidates Glenn.... got any more like this one Glenn?

4:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:29.... Nice Word - self-immolation & FANTASTIC analysis of the two of them. Well Done! Spot on!

I admit it, I didn't know what it meant!

Main Entry: self–im·mo·la·tion
Pronunciation: \ˌself-ˌi-mə-ˈlā-shən\
Function: noun
Date: 1799
: a deliberate and willing sacrifice of oneself often by fire
— self–im·mo·late \-ˈi-mə-ˌlāt\ verb

5:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More strange coinkydinky about the two.

Get this, at the time all these porn allegations came out if you web searched their names,
All these weird sites would come up . They would take you
to the same Porn Portals.

Both of their names on separate feeder web sites BROUGHT UP THE SAME PORN sources . YUP!

Now this gets more interesting personal information was also mixed in .. such as her name
and yes the words "REGO PARK "appeared in the cyber junk or meta-tags. What is the coincidence of that happening hundreds of times?
This was on the original information given to the town board committee when it was first discovered a few years ago, and continues to this very day.

Perhaps Manuela owes Pam Duke, Francis Gray and others an Apology for attempting to destroy their reputations?

7:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:05, I have always noticed the same thing as well.

Jon is a very talented web designer. It's a shame that he can't channel his energy into positive web stuff. He has always used for nasty attacks on anyone that he and his wife do not like. Doesn't matter if you are Dem or Republican, if Jon and Manuela don't like you, you are on the site being attacked.

In my opinion, Jon probably gets some sort of commission for the clicks to the porn sites. And probably more money if people pay to see the porn. Each of the sites at the bottom markets to "webmasters" who want to make money. Either that or Jon is the mastermind behind the whole thing.

Porn is not illegal and there is nothing matter with it. The problem is lying about it. Don't act like you are shocked when someone asks you why your name is continually linked to porn sites when your name is typed into a search engine. And then get upset and back into another car and sue over it.

If anyone doesn't know these two, if you read 1:29's comments, they have described these two perfectly and I agree with the request to STFU and QUIT trying to play "the victim". No one held a gun to your head and made you take a mortgage you couldn't afford, and no one made you get all those credit cards and max them out, and no one forced you to sleep with TK.

So please, if you want to stay in Rochester, pay your taxes, resign your council seat, drop the leg idea, maybe think about mowing your lawn, and STFU for a while. We've had about enough of you two.

8:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why no one any where gives a a crap about the Town of Rochester. This is also why almost all District 1 County Legs come from Ellenville/Wawarsing.

These idiots in Rochester a drag on our entire county. Why don't they get some real zoning laws and get rid of all those trailer parks and clean up those dumps they call homes. The worst parts of midtown Kingston, where the hookers and dealers are, are on par with most of Rochester. Have you ever noticed how many drug busts, murders, suicides, home invasions etc. happen in Accord/Kerhonkson/Town of Rochester.

Between the psychos who run your Republican Club and the weekender mafia who runs your Democratic Committee it no wonder you can't manage to get any quality of life zoning on the books.

People of Rochester - take a stand, say no to your trashy ways and join the world. Stop electing these idiots - stop allowing the self interest of a few king idiots who want to build strip malls and trailer parks run your town. Say NO to these morons - find some educated new people with jobs to elect and move forward.

Being country does not equal being poor white trash. If you want to not be called poor white trash then stop glorifying it and start behaving like grown ups.

Maybe then, someone give a crap about this cesspool called the Town of Rochester.

PS: to this Manuela person, you should be ashamed of yourself, you should apologize to your entire town and move away, get a new name, start a new life.

8:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Noonan and Manuela could live together in Rego Park at her co-op and they could torment the Republicans in Queens together. Then that would free up Jon to play hide the salami and look at porn on his computer with Trisha Kortright all day long in the alledgely illegal apartment over the barn/store. Ooops, I forgot, gold digger Trisha isn't interested because she found out Jon had no money. Strike that - it's not that he has no money, he is in debt for about one million dollars. OK, maybe Manuela should stay and run for County Leg, that way if she wins she can use the $10,000 salary to pay down the million dollars they owe. Sure she'll have to get another credit card and run it up about $7,000 - $10,000 to pay for campaign expenses if she wants to win, but based on the credit limits on her other cards, that shouldn't be a problem. That way if she gets elected, she can give Mike Hein some pointers on how to run the County into bankruptcy faster than he already is. That will clear the way for Noonan to run for County Executive. On second thought, let's just send Noonan straight to Bellevue.

12:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware of these two Romanian Gypsies, they attack
and destroy everything in their path.

Another false statement would be on their
Bankruptcy Filing claiming the 25 acres with the house is all worthless wetlands. Made in a written statement stating it is all under 4 feet of water.

No, this is fact all the road frontage is
on route 209 and Boicemill Road is worth a lot and build-able,something that should be pointed out to the DA. Go look for yourself.

If this woman and her frightening "husband" don't leave town this information should be handed over to authorities.
She pushed her way into office by way of lies and


9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More information on Dracula and the Bride of Frankenstein. According to the bankruptcy file he borrowed 100,000 to build his " Disneyland Barn"

Then he cuts off 1.7 acres from original mortgage, not sure how that was allowed to happen as INDY MAC held the first mortgage. Sounds fishy

He is only assessed at 90,000 full value on building and land. The town has nothing about any living part of the
building nor did the planning board . Remember, he swore on a federal document he resides there-totally illegal. They now have a commercial barn with 1.7 acres advertised with realtor as a commercial building-with husband living there, It is listed for 230,000.

If someone looks at this site these two freaks have made many enemies. Hopefully they will move out of town
and take their nasty unhappiness with them.

1:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:15 - Is anyone doing anything about this situation? The Blue Stone press article barely scratched the surface and it mostly focused on her status as a Councilwoman and a little on her status as a Candidate for the Ulster County Legislature. Has anyone written to the Bankruptcy Court or notified the District Attorney as to the inconsistencies in their Bankruptcy petition. I doubt any of them read this blog.

I agree with the one who who wrote about the water. I know where they live and none of that property is "under 4 feet of water". Who are they kidding?

I agree, I hope that they leave and take their nasty unhappiness with them too. You watch... they'll turn THIER BANKRUPTCY into a situation where THEY'LL be the "victims". They don't know how to be anything but nasty, complaining victims.

I did see that they used their "$300 lawn mower" to mow the lawn by the new Disneyland Barn. Now if they would just mow the lawn in front of the house.

4:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most likely the reason for claiming that the husband lives in an apartment in the Commercial Barn/Antique store is that if that is considered his primary residence, it would be saved from liquidation by the courts. He would then have a place to live and work. If he claimed that he lived in the Brick House - they would take the new Barn/Antique store in the Bankruptcy liquidation.

They never banked on some wizard with a grudge getting their hands on the actual documents. Now they need to explain to the town why it was never zoned, taxed or approved for a residential apartment.

They clearly state that the spouse (Manuela) maintains a separate household. That doesn't mean that she really lives in Accord and just visits her place in Rego Park occasionally. That means that she lives in Rego Park. Period. She can visit Accord whenever she wants, even spend the summer here. But her legal residence where her "separate household" is in Rego Park Queens.

10:12 PM

Anonymous liz said...

Wow, you people are brutal...I suppose you are all perfect so it's alright to throw stones.

8:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with almost everything said on the long list of well thought out comments. This woman has got to go. How can we trust her, since she obviously makes extremely poor decisions and doesn't understand money. She should not be making decisions about how the town should spend a couple of million dollars annually.

There is something wrong with this woman. Perhaps she is mentally ill. I would be so embarrassed by all of this that I would have resigned just to to avoid being exposed in this public way. Based on what I have read here, other other websites and in the BSP, she is incapable of accepting that we have laws in this country and she has taken an oath of office to uphold them in addition to signing under oath on her bankruptcy forms.

An earlier commenter was right on the money when he/she commented on these people's stubbornness. I guess even after she ends up getting convicted of Fraud in US District Court, which is a felony, she will probably still refuse to step down.

If the Town Supervisor, Carl Chipman, is is authorizing the use of taxpayer money to pay its lawyer, Marylou Christiana, to find a way (loophole) for Manuela to remain on this board, Chipman needs to be removed from office also, along with any other board members who supported this expenditure of the taxpayers money that was entrusted to them.

This is a disgusting embarrassment for the entire town, especially after considering the porno tie-in, I tried it, yep - the porno was everywhere. With her webmaster husband, who obviously has his own inability to control his own sex life, sorry TK. It is only logical that he is a purveyor of online porno.

The Rochester Town Board needs to put a stop to this horrible embarrassment now. It needs to call an emergency meeting and unanimously and publicly demand her immediate resignation. If she refuses, they must contact whatever state level authorities initiate the removal process.

If any town board member fails to to agree to this, they need to resign also. This town needs leaders who respect the law, not a bunch of shifty eyed trailer trash who see the law as something to skirt around in order to enrich their own personal agendas.

11:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the general outpouring of opinions to the effect that Ms. Mihaelescu has been untruthful and unethical in many of dealings. I am disturbed by the use of the word gypsy to describe her and her husband. There is no reason to insult the gypsies.

5:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think these commentors, who assume everyone else is as sleazy as they are, need to wake up and smell the coffee. It's not "brutal" to point out how despicable these criminals are. The majority of residents in this county are not "living in glass houses", they're just normal law abiding citizens. Sticking your head up and proclaiming unfair this criticism only convicts those who seemingly condone it. It's safe to assume every member of the Rochester Republicans are guilty of condoning this behavior.

5:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon and Manuela deserve each other. They have played the victim card like Sarah Palin. Hope they get what they deserve.

6:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can it be said that,"It's safe to assume every member of the Rochester Republicans are guilty of condoning this behavior."? How would anyone know the actions of future events? The Rochester Republicans supported her in her run for office almost 2 years ago, How were they to know that she would fall on hard times, and for that matter, how can anyone convict her of anything without knowing the whole story?

9:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More information on John Dogar. It seems earlier this year both he and his new business partner
Imere Beke Jr.( Republican Club Members) dreamed
up a business too good to be true.

Apparently they took tens of thousands of dollars from members of their church for a fake start up called PEOPULL INC

Angry investors were never paid .. nor was the money ever refunded.

MORE BAD NEWS ABOUT THIS GUY..BUT HE IS ALWAYS THE VICTIM. Maybe someone wants to speak to the people at his church and ask them how they feel...

10:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mr. Carl Chipman is also a business partner with Mr. Beke and Mr. Dogar.

Let me elaborate a bit further:

That's Supervisor Chipman to those of you that reside in the Town of Rochester

12:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:28 and News Flash

Yeah, big "breaking news".
Did you also hear men landed on the moon?

I'm really tired of how every little tidbit of information is viewed with such high importance.

Here's a newsflash....
The people who invested are angry and frustrated. But that's not "new" news. That issue has been going on long before the bankruptcy filing.
Every investor in a business is not directly responsible for the personal actions of the people who run it. Is every investor in General Motors responsible for it's failure? Maybe legally (financially), but surely not on a decision by decision basis.
People invest money in businesses.
Business fails sometimes. Especially small business.
So just because somebody might or might not have invested don't be so quick to lump them into some big conspiracy theory.

These investors are indeed victims.

So how about let's stick to the actual issues involved here.
Should she resign?...definitely...but only for the sake of her family, her life, and lastly for the good of the town. She certainly cannot have a clear head right now to do the business of the people.
Will she? That's another story entirly. Probably not, due to stubborness, culture, and ego.
It's clear this was all surfaced as "payback" for her seeking the County seat. I have my own suspicions of why, but they will remain in my head only (where they belong). The person(s) who surfaced this (anonymously, of course) didn't do it for any high moral reason. It was to inflict embarrasment and pain. I don't have very high regard for whomever that was either.

So I see 2 people here who tried to start a new business and failed. And are paying for it dearly. Of course they would try every option to keep as much as possible of their property as would any of us. And yes, it doesn't help at all that these 2 people are very outspoken public figures embroiled in past controversy.

I'm not defending their actions in any way but I'm also not making any judgements here. And I certainly have disagreed with many of their writings, actions, and opinions in the past.
But why does everybody seem to want to make this bigger than Watergate?

It's a bad economy and a sad situation. This story has gotten way more than the 10 minutes it deserves.

Please Manuela, be a good neighbor and do the town a favor and resign so we can all move on now to much more important concerns.
Do it a the very least, so you can concentrate on getting your life back in order.
(and yes I choose to remain anonymous but I speak for many here in Rochester who are just plain tired of the soap operas)

10:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chipman is also affiliated with Collier Motorcars in Ellenville, a notoriously sleazy dealer.

11:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Knowing the whole story" ??? WTF? Can't you read? The whole sleazy group of them have been scamming for years! A person would have to be retarded to be in their gruop and not know they were all scumbags. Good riddance! "Fall on hard times" ??? Is that the term these days for getting caught? I've heard of doing hard time, but this is ridiculous. Anyone associated with this criminal enterprise ought to be ashamed of themselves. Everybody that even crossed paths with these crooks was aware of their activity.

11:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can only thank the person diligent and interested enough to expend his time and energies in uncovering the truth about the bankruptcy filing.

Clearly the tip of the iceberg for all involved. I can only hope that federal, state and local agencies take notice and hold these folks accountable for their deliberate and blatant actions to defraud all they came in contact with.

I would also hope that the impressive list of unsecured creditors take note and file criminal actions (falsifying applications) against them.

Lastly, the latest add to this blog reflects on perhaps the most heinous actions of all. I would personally like to know more about the alleged scam perpetrated on their church members, who else were involved, what actions will be taken, and why I have just heard about this now?

2:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would this woman even want to run for office now? It takes money - either your money or other people's money - to run for office.

This woman and her husband should be concerned about paying their school taxes, town taxes and federal taxes, as well as the many creditors who are DUE their money before they think about running up expenses at someone else's business.

Why should some sign printer, brochure printer or newspaper get so that this woman can run for office when the rest of the creditors and the taxpayers get stiffed. The debts should be paid first and then she can do whatever she wants.

2:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with her run for County Leg and everything to do with what she did to Pam Duke and Francis Gray. The timing is coincidental. But make no mistake the people behind this wear blue.

Pam and Francis may be gone, but what Mihailescu and Dogar-Marinesco did to them is NOT forgotten.

Read the last line of the post. It is an "inside" reference to when Manuela and her husband sued the town after Manuela backed into someone's car after Francis and Pam "upset" her at her Historic Preservation Commission interview.

Has anyone else noticed that if you google Manuela's name now that no more porn sites come up? They still come up if you type in Jon Dogar-Marinesco - but not for Manuela Mihailescu - or maybe I just spelled it wrong.

2:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a long time in coming. Anyone who drove down 209 during the last few years was given an eyeful by these radical lunatic sign posters. To most outside observers it was obvious that these people were mentally disturbed and that the town was under seige by unmedicated and unsupervised escaped mental patients. I haven't heard much about the Pinegrove Ranch's responsibility in all of this, has it gone belly up yet? This guy O'Halloran is as guilty as the rest of them. When's his bankruptcy filing?

3:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As predicted on this blog, Manuela the victim is now a victim again of "felony mail fraud". Yes, that's right and the Daily Freeman bought it. What a bunch of dummies these people are. You would think that a professional journalist could smell an attention seeking drama queen media whore a mile away, but maybe Bill Kembel had a cold the day that he spoke to Manuela and he couldn't smell anything.

3:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This entire mail fraud nonsense is a red herring to distract people away from the truth.
Here are the essential facts:

It starts with Jon & Manuela moving to this Accord/Kerhonkson a couple of years ago and becoming active in the political scene as ardent Republicans.

Their story was that Jon was a big deal successful webmaster and Manuela was equally accomplished in public relations.

Jon sets up a website for the republican club and then proceeds to use as a personal bully pulpit to harangue those who disagree with his particularly hard right point of view. This includes moderate Republicans and Democrats alike. This website is no longer up, but it was used in vicious mean spirited ways that served to effectively stifle free speech because no one wanted their names and images put up on the internet in the awful way Jon was doing.

Next came the adult images allegations. This was a result of an inquiry made to Manuela by the town board in a closed session, when she applied for a committee position. Evidently, at the time, town board members were concerned about information given to them that linked her name with a bunch of adult image sites. This turned into a law suit and eventually Manuela's claims for damages was not held up in court.

After this, using the adult images incident as one of many reasons to elect her, Manuela ran for town board as a champion of the Republican club's platform and won.

At some point along this time period, Manuela and her husband requested and received permission to build the barn that is their antique store on Rte. 209.

During this entire period of time Jon's website and other forms of media has continue to target and harass many people throughout the community and it has not been limited to those who hold public office, but rather; individuals, businesses and groups. He could use a few sessions at Dale Carnegie! He has made far more enemies than friends.

Now, beginning in Spring of 2009, Jon and Manuela declare personal bankruptcy, chapter 7. The filed documents are not private, this is all public information. As a result, the word got out fast, via e-mail and other means. A lot of people have gone over these documents with a fine tooth comb and have a lot to say on many details. Here are some basic facts:

They owe
Mortgages $503,159
Local taxes $7,815
IRS $4,269
Local Businesses $11,593
Credit Cards & Bank Loans $387,161

Many people were disturbed by how far beyond their means this folks had driven up their debt. Additionally, within their documents they also state essentially no income from work for several years. This is not how people in this community think about money and many find bankruptcy to indicate a failure to live a hard working frugal life that most in this community do.

Within any bankruptcy certain exemptions are available so that a person doesn't lose everything. Home equity, up to a maximum of $50,000 can be exempted along with personal items like your clothing, your basic furniture, your car (within limits).


4:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


What has made this entire community go crazy is that this couple attempted to double dip on their exemptions by Manuela claiming that she resided in a co-op she owns in Queens, NY, and since there is no equity in their home, Jon claimed his residence to be the antique store. Both of these real estate items have some equity left in them, wherein their actual home did not.

While all of this is going on, and these two do not actually have a pot to you know what in, they have attempted to get Manuela onto the ballot for the county legislature election for district 1. This has started a huge battle on the county level because the party has chosen another candidate which caused the Jon and Manuela and their supporters to enter into a new political war on the county level. This has resulted in the removal of the old hate filled website with a new venom filled going up with new topics.

Ultimately, the problem is that if you want to have people do business with you, vote for you, be your friends, you must play the basic rules, treat others as you would have them treat you, do not covet.... you know, the things we learned in Sunday school!

Clearly, this isn't some sort of mail fraud scandal involving the clandestine use of someone's mailbox to drop off a copy of an email... just my two sense "

4:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today's Freeman is the work of Manuela's
past career as a skillful tale spinner-YES, MASTER OF
PUBLIC RELATIONS as that was her job.

She pulls the ' Romanian anti-Communist" rap
with the helpful former partner and Psycho MOUTH - THE DUKAS himself. ( THIS GUYS crazy diatribes and BABBLE ARE TRULY NUTS)

Yes, she enlists him to bring out the violins once again
to try and garner public sympathy,

as it got her elected the last time around. She is now crossing her fingers it will work again.

No, Manuela..most people are hip to the scamming
and even if you have managed to slime a dumb writer who has not followed your "chicanery" into
writing a 'press release for you" most normal
people are not buying it.

The facts are out's a messy PR job for you now. LOTS OF DAMAGE CONTROL . HA!

I am sure you will sic your "Republican Club" disciples
to write some more nasty stuff. The truth is out there already..good luck.

6:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Town of Wawarsing Republican Committee saw through her. When they asked her why she wanted to be a County Legislator, she told them "I am in bankruptcy and I need a job". When asked how she would fund her campaign, she told Wawarsing that she thought they would pay. Wawarsing told her they do not have money and do not fund Legislative races, only Town races.

This is why Wawarsing did not back her. The Wawarsing Committee members are the ones who would have to work for her if Wawarsing backed her. They would have to carry her petitions, put up her signs, promote her as a candidate and put their reputation on the line for her. Wawarsing just wasn't interested. But of course Manuela sees herself as the victim.


Separate households means just that separate residences. If they both reside in Rochester as they now claim, (so she doesn't have to give up her Town Councilman seat) - Then the Rego Park apt is only an asset (not a separate household) and it needs to be liquidated to pay the creditors. This means that what they put on their bankruptcy petition is not true. It is right here on this blog. SCHEDULE J

Also, I heard that the town building inspector just "toured" the commercial property where the "apartment where the husband lives" is and there is no evidence that he lives there either,

So they must live in the brick house, that means the commercial property should be liquidated as well as the Rego Park property - you can't have it both ways.

So let's recap:

Bankruptcy Peition
Filed with United States Bankruptcy Court - aka The Feds
- Manuela lives in Rego Park (her words) and Jon lives in an apartment (his words) in the commercial building. NEITHER OF THEM CLAIM ANYWHERE ON THE BANKRUPTCY PETITION THAT THEY LIVE IN THE BRICK HOUSE Note benefit to them - two fifty thousand dollars exemptions instead of one (they would only get one exemption if they claimed they lived together in the Town of Rochester).

County Leg Petition
Filed with the Ulster County Board of Elections
- Manuela lives in the brick house. Note benefit to Manuela - she gets to keep her Town Council seat.

Town Building Inspection
Filed by Town of Rochester
- Jon lives in the brick house - he doesn't live in the apartment in the commercial building. Note benefit - Jon is not fined for having an illegal apartment in a commercial building by the Town and Health Department and tax collector.

Finally, where is the 4 feet of water that they claim is on their property? AND who is living in the brick house if Manuela has a "separate household" (her words, not mine) in Rego Park and Jon lives in the "apartment in the commercial building" (again his words not mine). Who is living in the brick house? I see lights on at night and people inside? Do they have tenants that are paying them rent that they have not claimed?

The bottom line is that they have 3 different stories:
1) for the Feds
2) for Ulster County Board of Elections
3) for the Town of Rochester

I hope that theses 3 governmental agencies never get together and compare notes, or Manuela and John will be.... let's just say it rhymes with the word "ducked" because I'm sorry to tell you folks, that MaryLou Christiana will not be the one adjudicating this case.

7:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As embarrassing as all this is for our town. We might as well air it all right here, right now.

I want to know more about this church business because as my mother says - "the devil has a special place in hell reserved for those who steal from the poor."

9:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what I know.

I only have part of the story, but I'm sure others will fill in the gaps.
Imre Beke, Jr., Jon Dogar-Marinesco and Carl Chipman started a company called Peopull, Inc.

It was featured on Rich Cahill, Jr's Blog "Cahill on Kingston" in April 2009
Cahill on Kingston

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
An Interesting New Search Engine

Many people use Facebook, MySpace, and other web services to socialize on the Internet. Until now, there has never been a way to search all of the various social networking sites unless you joined them and searched individually. A new search engine has hit the Internet. It is entitled Peopull ( I urge you to check it out. It is still a work in progress, but I think you'll enjoy it.
Posted by Richard T. Cahill Jr. at 9:45 PM 1 comments

Peopull, Inc. sought out investors from those that they were close to. Investors (and fellow church members of Imre, Jon and Carl) included several members of the Town of Rochester Conservative Party. One is a member of the Town of Rochester Republican Committee.

The company went belly up and POOF, the investors money was gone. Investors in the Town of Rochester are PISSED!

Imre Beke, Jr. was DYING to run for Ulster County Legislator, but he was shut down because of the whole Peopull mess.

At least Imre was smart enough to drop his bid for Legislator. But not Manuela - It's her right to run!

Why is it that people with no money (Manuela and Imre Beke, Jr.) are so interested in running for Legislator? It only pays $10,000 a year! These people with no money need to find some real jobs. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.

10:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear 3:46,
Thanks for the recap. Now it makes a bit more sense. I'm relatively new to the area but this is quite the sad soap opera. I suppose "As my stomach turns" would be an appropriate title.

10:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see what the law says about residency.

Q. Would I lose my house if I claim chapter 7 bankruptcy?

A. It depends on how much equity you have in your house. Equity is the money you will net or receive after all necessary expenses on the house is paid for at closing. i.e. promissory note, transfer tax, real-estate broker, etc.

Example: House sells for $100,000.00, closing cost was $10,000.00. $90,000.00 is the equity of your house. Anyone who files a chapter 7 or 13 can claim up to $50,000.00 of equity exemption. This exemption is called the homestead exemption. To qualify for this exemption, the person must reside or live in that particular home.

Therefore, for Manuela to QUALIFY for this particular exemption - SHE MUST RESIDE OR LIVE IN THAT HOME IN REGO PARK.

She's made it pretty clear that she "really" lives in the Town of Rochester and is "entitled" to retain her seat on the Town Council.

Seems like a conflict to me.

11:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From The NYS Dept of State Div. of Corporations Database:

Current Entity Name: PEOPULL, INC.
Initial DOS Filing Date: FEBRUARY 23, 2007
County: ULSTER
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE

Selected Entity Address Information DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
PO BOX 609
Registered Agent: NONE

This is a private corporation. Were they soliciting investors who believed they would own a part of this company? If so, they may is serious trouble with the SEC... I'm now even more curious, approximately how many investors got involved?

12:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Residence – You may exempt up to $50,000.00 total equity in your residence, which also applies to mobile homes, shares of stock in cooperative apartment corporations and a condominium unit used as your primary residence. In order to be able to claim this “homestead exemption” your name must appear on the deed to your residence.

This last line explains why they put Manuela in Rego Park and Jon in Kerhonkson... her name must appear on the deed. However if Rego Park is not her primary residence, then that exemption is fraudulent. If Rego park is her primaryresidence and she keeps this exemption, she must relinquish her Town Council seat and her County Leg petition that lists her residence as Kerhonkson is invalid.

12:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As they hatched their bankruptcy scheme, the entire Mihailescu Dogar Marinesco home was wired for sound so the audience wouldn't miss a single moment. Now, in listening to the tapes, it seems that there is an 18 1/2 minute gap (hahaha)... it would be real shame if some overzealous US Attorney got a hold of this case and used it to get ahead or better yet, to make a example out them. Forget the town board, they could each serve 5 years... I am kvelling with tears, NOT.

While think about the proverb that one reaps what they sow, I am reminded of how vicious Jon was towards Francis regarding his SUV registered in Maryland, where they own a second home. Or, how vehemently the Republican club website site went after numerous people, many who did not hold public office, especially in Jon's non infamous spin doctor cartoon of a spinning wheel. So, who is spinning tales now?

Here's a question for all of you to ponder - where did all that borrowed money go. The second mortgage supposedly paid for the new store barn, well, except for what they never paid Mombaccus. But what about the 387K in credit card debt, was that 38K a year for 10 years? Or, as some have asserted, they recently fell on hard times with the economy. If that is the case, do they have some some sort of gambling addiction or worse?

Mother says the local Ministers and Rabbis should all throw away their sermons for this weekend and read this blog to their congregations instead. She thinks it will really teach folks to keep in line... alrighty!

1:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...And as my mother would say "YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF BLUBBERING IDIOTS" or in this case "BLABERING IDIOTS".

If any of you really thoght you had somthing on these two, you would stop acting like a bunch of cry-babies and take action.

You all seem to think you know the law and you think you have all the answers but I don't see any of you taking any REAL action. So, I will assume this is all just propaganda

Put your money where "blaber" is.

7:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Imre Beke so quiet? Usually you can't shut him up on the blogs. You would think that he has some sort of opinion of this. He always does.

8:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imre is incredibly dumb and as such he probably got smart legal advice to keep his mouth shut. He may be too dumb to follow it though, we'll see. (I had the displeasure of dining with him and his wife once and I have first hand knowledge that he is dumb as a post.)

12:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:38 I agree. They should either do something about it or quit complaining.

I am amazed by the number of hypocrites... They complain about Jon's "vicious attacks" then go on to do the exact same thing.

1:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are not hypocrites, just giving him a dose of his own ugly medicine. ( SO MANY PEOPLE HATE THEM) How does it feel to be flogged in public?

What this guy did and why so many people have to keep themselves anonymous is.. he attacks with a vengeance. He made fun of what people looked like
Etc,etc. Did he ever take a look at himself?

My understanding as of lately for all you bloggers and readers,
is the code enforcement officer went to MR. DOGARS
"Apt" at his exempt barn. He found no apt as stated on JON's bankruptcy form ( Look in black and white-"husband lives there" ). This was so he could get the money for the place "Just a bathroom and shower" stated the building inspector.

Looks like the story they are giving the town is
she has her primary residence up here.

Well,.. Miss Manuela do you care to sign a document to that effect? I'm sure the US attorneys office would love to see it.

If she refuses to do so she needs to step down and give the taxpayers two years of money back.

All you readers stay tuned for the highlights of this sorted tale.

ps.The reason she couldn't sue for her" claimed attacks" from the board ( porno claim) was because she was the one who actually brought it out in the public.
She also didn't want to go" there" for fear of discovery in any lawsuit, might really get exposed.

Believe me, if these deadly doux thought they could
shake down the town for money in some sort of
lawsuit they would not hesitate. I can assure you any attorney they saw told them they had no case.

2:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So giving someone a "dose of his own medicine" doesn't make these vicious attacks, interesting theory.

Keep blogging, flogging and casting stones.

We will all be judged in the end.

Catch you on the other sides... hopefully at least some of you.

3:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1:17-It's not hypocritical to point out these scummy grifters are stealing from where-ever they can. Maybe you are as morally bankrupt as they are, but most people are not.

4:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:15, Thank you for another "vicious attack". I guess calling someone "morally bankrupt" who did not viciously attack anyone should also be classified as someone getting a "dose of his own medicine".

It seems quite apparent that anyone who does not agree with you and/or your way of thinking is "morally bankrupt". I do not feel that there is a need to call people vicious names (ie: scummy grifters) instead stick to the facts or improve your argument. So by your standards I guess I am also "morally bankrupt", I'll be sure to add that to my resume.

Thank you for this educational lesson.

8:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:08-Let's stick to the facts. She lied and cheated while co-conspiring to turn a political club into a bonafide hate group. If you don't think it's immoral, then indeed you are morally bankrupt. Good luck finding company with that bizarre idea of morality. It's ok to defraud banks? It's ok to commit felonies? People like you are always claiming to be victims of society. Calling people hypocritical for having ethics you don't have is far more vicious than stating factual information about someone who is unfit for a civil society. Defend the indefensible at your own risk.

12:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey 3:59- You will be judged in the real world by the court system because sane people don't rely on superstition for justice. Deferring judgement to the supernatural isn't going to cut it.

12:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's really stunning is that some people are so thoroughly corrupt and unethical that they'd defend this disgustingly crooked behavior by this woman. I love the moron who apparently hasn't a clue about the meaning of the word hypocrit. Then there's the religious nut who's conveniently forgotton "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" part of his gypsy handbook. These individuals have no place in our society (except for in mental and penal institutions) and likely were thrust into it by madrassas like Coleman. The apathy of those living in this county to allow such lowlifes to poison this area must be addressed.

8:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even the queen of her own sleazy local political empire, Sarah Palin, knew when to finally quit for the sake of self preservation. She, like you, was driven by blinding ambition for self aggrandizement. She, like you, forgot that she was part of a larger team and she, like you, has done damage to the Republican Party.

Manuela seems to be making claims that this was all politically motivated by the Bernardo's to stop her bid to be a county legislator. I truly do not think that the Bernardo's or any reasonable folks imagine that Manuela could ever be a real challenge in terms of Terry Bernardo's bid for the County Leg. I can't imagine that outside of her husband and a few fellow die-hards, anyone would take this candidate seriously.

Let's talk facts here; Manuela has very limited support throughout the Ulster County Leg. District #1, except for the die hard insiders of the Rochester Republican Club. Manuela has no money to underwrite a campaign and without money or support what does she imagine she is doing? Manuela has no means of income, and if the world were to flip onto its side and she did become a County Leg., it only pays about 10K a year, not a day job. Furthermore, based on her bankruptcy, who knows where she will be living soon. Manuela's bankruptcy has also demonstrated her extremely poor financial restraint and very poor money management skills. This is not what Ulster County needs more of. To me, most of all, her defiance of the county Republican Party Leadership shows me that she is a person who is not a team player, who is driven by her own ambitions instead of the greater good and who is extremely inflexible and could not work in the cooperative environment that good sound government needs to have in order to make decisions for the good of all.

Manuela and her group are hard core right wing Republicans, they are within their right to have their point of view. However, if you want to get elected you must represent all of your constituency, not just your group. Every elected official knows that once they take that oath they must leave the party dogma on the sidelines and cooperatively work with others. Manuela's handling of this latest episode in her history of dramatic events, tells everyone that if elected, she would be a huge detriment and risk to not just the Republican Party but to all of Ulster County, just as she is currently proving to be in the Town of Rochester.

I fully support the people in Rochester who are demanding that she be removed from office. She has brought shame and ridicule to your entire community, just as she certainly would if she had a county level position.

She may have a few degrees, however, she needs to brush up on basic civics: The minute she signed and swore upon oath that her residency was her Queens address, which she used in her bankruptcy for personal gain, she did indeed forsake her Rochester domicile in a very real and legal manner. It was at that moment, when she declared that her primary residence was in Queens, that she was no longer eligible to be an elector in the Town of Rochester and was required to relinquish her position on the town board. There in no such thing as dual residency. Everyone who owns more than one home must chose which is their primary one.

As I said in the my opening, even Sarah knew when to take a bow and run as fast as she could. For the sake of the Republican Party, Ulster County and your Town of Rochester; Manuela, please resign, NOW.

3:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting.... on the bankruptcy petition, Dogar claims he lives at 5858 Route 209.... note the 58 at the end. This is the address for what everyone in the town knows as the steel building (barn) that was built to house Old Brick House Antiques.

Old Brick House Antiques LLC
Write a review
5858 Route 209
Kerhonkson, NY 12446
(845) 626-5206‎

On the Leg petitions that he carried for his wife, he lists his address as 5868 Route 209. This property is commonly known to residents as the old Gazley Brick House.

So which is it? Does he live in the antique store or the brick house? I heard that the Town of Rochester did an inspection and they found NO living quarters... only a shower at 5858 Route 209 - the commerical property where "husband lives"

Maybe the law firm of Hayward, Parker and O'Leary made a type-o. Maybe the secretary wasn't clear, was it 5858 or 5868?

What seems to be clear is that for the Bankruptcy petition, Mr. Dogar is very clear that he was the Feds to believe that HE lives at 5868 Route 209 in the commercial building. Mr. Dogar is also very clear that he wants everyone in the Town of Rochester to believe that he lives at 5858 Route 209.

The difference between 5858 and 5868 might be small numerically and maybe imperceptable if you quickly read a document. But in bankruptcy real estate, it may be the difference between $500,000 and/or five years in jail or both.

7:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that woman Manuela refuses to step down from rochester town board,
give the taxpayers their money back, stop runing for our county legislature, AND move out of town on the double, we need to put a brick thru the window of that brick house that supposedly no one lives in (yeah right). that should give her a hint.

8:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:54- Now don't go off threatening violent acts now. I'm sure you meant a slew of certified letters to prove out their residencies. People like that are very likely to throw bricks at their own windows to play the victims one more time. I'm sure they regret buying brick and steel structures that they can't burn to the ground for insurance.

9:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am curios of what title you hold in the Town of Rochester (or any where) that you have the task of determining who is allowed to live in the town and who must leave? Is this the same position that allows you to encourage violent and illegal behavior (ie: put a brick through the window) towards another individual?

Please tell me, was this an elected position or were you simply appointed? Also, what are the necessary qualifications and where does one submit an application or resume for such a position?

1:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Manuela was doing business, at least in terms of owing them money, with the Kortrights - Mombaccus Excavating - and yet did feel obliged to recuse herself from any and all deliberations, discussions etc. in terms of their application for mine expansion, lead agency status etc. is that a violation of state law?

3:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Manuela's husband was playing hide the salami with Kortright's wife and that Dogar/Mihailescu owe Kortright money.

Mihailescu should have definitely recused herself 1) because her husband was playing hide the salami with Kortright's wife and 2) because her and her husband owe Kortright money.

How can a Town Councilwoman be impartial in making decisions about a company that she has such personal history with.

It doesn't get much more personal than your husband playing hide the salami with someone other than you (his wife).

6:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Manuela was doing business, at least in terms of owing over $10,000 to Mombaccus Excavating - and yet did NOT feel obliged to recuse herself from any and all deliberations, discussions etc. in terms of their application for mine expansion, lead agency status etc. and zoning changes that directly impacts large tracts of land owned by Mombaccus et al. Is this not a violation of state laws regarding the actions of officials? At the very least, it has a very bad appearance.

By the way: you people who are writing about violence, knock it off. To go to that level only makes our entire town look even worse. Post your comments without calling names or making threats. I am sick of the rest of Ulster County just thinking we are a bunch of dumb rednecks.

6:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:52, you should demand that Mihailescu be brought in front of the Town of Rochester Board of Ethics. That's what the Board of Ethics is for.

7:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if i'm reading those documents right, it looks like on the 2nd one from the bottom that they are "retaining" the Commercial property. That would be the one where Jon told the Feds that he lives. However, he has told the town that he doesn't live there.

Right below that, it looks like they are surrendering the Brick House, where Jon and Manuela claim that they live.

Where will they live if they don't live in the commercial property and they are surrendering the brick house?

8:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, both owners of Mombaccus Excavating have been parked in the parking lot of the store, separately and individually on several occasions. One very recently incident one of them was parked behind the store out of sight (or so they thought), very interesting!

I think it is also very interesting that those hand made signs started showing up around town again and mysteriously disappeared just before Mombaccus' public hearing (we all know who was responsible for them when the Duke administration was in office), makes one wonder if their was some type of a deal made.

8:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that harmony reigns again in our town, and all good people came together to finally tell the truth about Manuela and her husband (if they are married. Thanks to all the people who contributed these eye-opening comments. Kathy Kuthy, Steven Fornal (hi, Stevie!), Ruth Bendelius, David O'Halloran, Donald Dunn, Marge Bonner, Zali Win. I apologize if I missed anyone. Thank you Jeremy for a job well done. It's people like you who make all the difference.

8:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The court has ordered that the barn/antique store property and the co-op in queens be sold. The big issue, and probably why they claimed that they lived in these places is that there is some equity in both of these these properties (value in excess of mortgages).

In a bankruptcy, a Petitioner (person going bankrupt) can request and in almost all cases, is granted an exclusion of up to $50,000 of the equity from their primary residence, after the mortgage is paid.

Jon and Manuela have claimed two separate primary residences and are therefore seeking to exclude from payment, to the rest of their creditors, a total of $100,000.

The barn/antique store, is currently listed for sale with Century 21 Cherrytown.

The co-op apt in Queens has also been listed for sale.

From what the documents say, Indy-Mac is owed $503,159 on two mortgages on the Brick house, the wooden barn and the 5 acres or so, that immediately surrounds it. It appears that the current value of the property is not as high as the mortgage. It is most likely that based on their claims of essentially no income, they are in some stage of foreclosure. (I hope someone who actually cares about the historic nature of the property can eventually put it into good condition).

Lastly, the 15 acres of land that stretches up Boice Mill Road and wraps both properties in the in the back is mostly unbuildable floodplain, with the exception of 1-2 acres along Boice Mill Road. In their bankruptcy, they have claimed that this land has 'ZERO' value and propose to keep it. In my opinion, no land, even floodplain, has 'ZERO' value and it should be sold to pay off this near $1,000,000 of debt. Even if it sold for 10,000, that's a little something towards all that money owed.

As you can see, the claims of who lives where has a direct impact of how much money they get to keep, if any.

9:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining that. It's still sort of confusing, but if the reason they claimed they lived in those places (Queens & commercial) is because there is equity in these places, then why are they now publicly saying that they both live in the Brick House. I also saw Manuela's Leg petitions and it says she lives at 5868 Route 209 and that he lives at 5868 Route 209. Isn't that the Brick House? How can they publicly claim they live there, but claim otherwise on the bankruptcy petition?

9:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 8:45 - to whatever extent any of those folks played in this, I thank them. They and dozens of other Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike have been both supporters and targets of Jon and Mauela over the last few years. It wasn't that long ago that this town could get together, Republicans and Democrats alike and have a great night together honoring those in our community who have made a positive impact - Faux Academy Awards, or the fun we all would have around this time of year at the Community Festival.

Right around the time of Pam Duke's second election, Jon and Manuela introduced a whole new ballgame - partisan hatred- especially within their own party, because in her first term, many Republicans supported Pam Duke and wanted the kinds of changes she first promoted.

Since that time, very little has occurred in this town, except people now hate each other.

The Rochester Republicans website was used to humiliate people, pit neighbor against neighbor and very effectively, it threatened anyone who spoke out against Jon and Manuela's core group. Jon, its webmaster would post people's names and pictures with his horrible comments and editorial remarks. The attacks went against moderate Republicans and Democrats alike.

Every one of those people, mentioned in the earlier post, was made fun of and in some instances, torn apart, on the website Jon controlled. Knowing all of them, I can safety say that each and every one of them wants to see their community come back together like it was doing just a few short years ago when Rochester was making progress towards a set of reasonable goals.

9:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:30, I agree, and you put what you said very nicely.

It's worth noting that Manuela and Jon have now aligned themselves with Marijane Knudsen and Alan Levine.

What a pair Alan and Jon will make. Mr. Nasty meets Mr. Nasty.
I guess misery loves company.

11:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How enlightening! Jon and Manuela orchestrated all of the recent years of hostility in the Town of Rochester, that's very impressive! They must have been so very busy stirring up all of the commotion in town (ie: organizing truck drivers to inundate Town Hall with dump trucks, organize a business alliance (remember the "mining interest group"), instigated attacks against the race track, trailer parks and other "nuisance businesses", run around investigating noise and lighting pollution (Dark Sky Initiative), the animosity in the fire department, the list goes on and on.) that they were unable to make any money so it's no wonder they had to file bankruptcy.

Gee, I'm so looking forward to "see their community come back together like it was doing just a few short years ago when Rochester was making progress towards a set of reasonable goals.".

12:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the rate you people are "dropping names" it shouldn't be much longer before you have the entire Town of Rochester population listed here. Must be a conspiracy that the entire town is involved in, maybe the Feds should investigate everyone with a Rochester address.

12:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon and Manuela's new political gang - Committee Heavyweight MaryJane, Mr. Nasty Alan Levine, All Mines are Mine Keith Kortwright, and of course the Medler Glen Noonan.

Why - join this group of destruction

Jon & Manuela blame Supervisor Chipman/Indy Bernardo/Mr. GOP O'Halleran for either starting this mess or not stopping it.

Kortwright - Supervisor Chipman will not let him make all of Rochester a mine...join J&M

MaryJane - Anyone against the Club (Chipman, O'Halleran, Ricks, etc) is her friend...join J&M

Levine - Has a thing for MaryJane and has been her lapdog/pitbull for years...join J&M

Noonan - Rochester is Bernardo Country, Bernardo/Catalano screwed Noonan and Manuela...join J&M

Next - J&M will enlist the Kortwrights to do the Duke sign blitz, AGAIN.

Who will this group of destruction attack next? It could be you Jeremy. Good luck.

9:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Those signs came down a few months ago because the NYSDOT made them come down.

And we can guess who put them up last time too (it wasn't Jon I don't think).

1:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We on the outside have always heard how bad the Town of Rochester was.

Its reputation is decades of corruption, extremely bad place to live or purchase a house, no quality of life.. the word is out on that place.
Noise ( no ordinances) and all these illegal industrial businesses
in residential neighborhoods. Just read an article that tons of houses were not on any tax-rolls.

The place is no happy "farm" community that's for sure.

Has to be the worst place to live in entire county.
It's no surprise to me that these two charlatans were greeted with open arms from history of corrupt
Republican hard right boards.

You people there should kick these losers out already and get some honest caring people in to
fix up the 209 drag ..Looks like a dump, I have to close my eyes to drive through your town, it's hideous.
Take some pride in what you have and protect it.
Don't let these self serving crooks steal it from you.

All I see is trailer park dumps and industrial businesses where they don't belong.

Maybe someone should tell that Jon person
if he told bankruptcy court his 15 acres is totally worthless-he can start a trend and donate it to a conservancy. It's on the main Route 209, he could start a trend in doing something good for the
town and all that ride by . That would be a start in protecting your resources. Would be better to look at then all your dumps you have on Route 209.

9:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Manuela was running for County Leg? I heard she was a no show at the Town of Wawarsing Republican Committee Steak Bake in Napanoch on Sunday.

If she wants to be taken seriously as a candidate, she can not miss those types of events. Bonacic, Catalano, Carnright, Williams and Postupack were all there. Manuela "It's My Right to Run" Mihailescu was a no show. Pathetic. Get out and do the job as a candidate or shut up and get out of the race.

12:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "poor farmer" Mombaccus Mining has property assessments less than $50,000.00 yet his mines (soon to be a 3rd) are worth more than $15 MILLION DOLLARS!!! I guess he can afford sign paint and continue to fund Manuela & Co.

Poor Manuela, her new best friends, you know, the same family that your husband had an affair with, are watching your back, Mombaccus style. Oh, let's not forget that bogus Mombaccus bill on your filing. Wonder how Manuela will vote on any Mining Laws before the Rochester Town Board?

The Rochester Residents Association should stand-up and tell these rich miners to clean-up or shut up. Drive by their mines, they look like junkyards. Considering the millions that they rake in each year, Mombaccus should make Rochester Center Road, the best looking road in town.

9:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was told to go to this site.
I looked up Manuela Mihaileschu.
There's no link.
There WAS however, a picture of Elliot Spitzer.
Maybe that's the link you mean?
There was also a person named Manuela.
Girls and boys, there are other people maybe even pets named Manuela. Manny for short.

Life is brief.
Shorter than you even know.
Who cares?
Talk about hate?
You guys are pretty scarry.
Stop the judging when you can't see past youself.
Try to broaden your horizons.
The picture you see is your only.
Stop your madness and meaness
It's poisonous.No antidote for this.I'm out of here.

6:06 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:44 PM

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6:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the many who have posted

Manuela has NOT voted on anything involving Kortrights or Mombaccus because the Town Board has not voted on anything involving them directly. Those were Planning Board votes you referred to.

And also FYI
Terry Bernardo is on the Town's Ethics Board. Now that might cause a conflict if anything is ever referred to them.

6:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Changing the topic only slightly, since it is all so lurid and obscene:

First; this couple's address related falsehoods and other lies and twisted truths are so obvious and ridiculously self serving that I can't imagine anyone not understanding that they are essentially dishonest and unethical.

Second; the amount of this bankruptcy turns my stomach. These people haven't actually made an honest living in many years, they didn't get to almost a 1/2 million dollars of credit card debt, on top of almost the same amount in a mortgage debt due to the recent economic hard times many many Americans, including myself, have faced since last year. They are suffering from a long term failure to get jobs and make an honest living, like regular people do.

Thirdly, instead of rescuing their own financial lives, they focused their efforts on bitter partisan political activities. If you Google our town, and start to look at some of the web pages that either Jon has put up, or that report the drama and bad news that Manuela has brought about, by her actions over the years, you get a very bad image. Not the way a public relations expert should be functioning.

More importantly, many feel that this has to hurt this entire community; our ability to attract business; even tourists and certainly potential home buyers. So, in a sense, Manuela and Jon have reduced the equity in each and every one of our homes by their extremely negative behavior.

What is becoming equally interesting are the business relationships that this couple have been involved in. Is seems that these deals have directly or have the potential to cost members of this community even more. More on that on the next post ---

8:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

--- continued

Next; I wish those who were taken Peopull deal would come forth anonymously and post more information so that maybe others may help you recover what you lost. There is no shame if you were taken advantage of by scoundrels who were in a position of trust.

Next, whats with the relationship between the Kortrights and Jon & Manuela: Something is very fishy here; despite the affair and an unpaid $10,000 bill, they are all very cozy and friendly. Keith Kortright seems desperate, to say the least, to have his way with the new zoning and their family mining land. The Kortrights have had many advantages over the decades. A prime example is that their valuable mine land has been assessed like moderate quality farmland. This has enabled them to avoid being fully taxed on land that contains millions of dollars of sand, stone, gravel & shale. Have you ever wondered why Keith always refers to his huge mine on Rochester Center Road (RCR) as 'the farm'? Well now you know why. They need Manuela to do their bidding. Regardless of how one feels about the proposed zoning changes, if any town board member has a conflict of interest, as Manuela did when it came to the Kortrights, they have a legal obligation to disclose the conflict and abstain (recuse themselves) from action on the topic. Manuela did not do this.

While we are on this topic, let's look at the cozy relationship with the Kortrights and Tony Jarvis. Tony seems intent on becoming the next Highway Superintendent. Remember the huge and costly highway project that widened, reinforced and drastically improved the intersection of Queens Highway and RCR? That project directly benefited Frank Kortright's side of the mine. The other side, owned by Keith and Gary is proposing to close that exit, even after the town spent many thousands of dollars to build it for heavy stone hauling trucks. Now they want to use the other exit, down near Samsonville Road. This intersection is tight, narrow, with blind curves and lots of neighbors. Why? you ask. Well perhaps it has something to do with getting Tony Jarvis elected. Tony lives on... yes, you guessed it, RCR, right there, near the Queens Highway exit.

Guess who is depending on help getting elected and who the Kortrights will then use to spend taxpayer money to enlarge, reinforce and properly configure the intersection of RCR and Samsonville Road for their use?

The really nice thing is that the old exit will be shut down and Tony and his family will no longer have huge, loud, fuming, overloaded, dangerous trucks driving by from 7am to dusk 6 days/wk. Tony is lucky that way, isn't he? I wonder if the new project will also include vendors, desperate for work, to even slip him a little extra, you know, like a tip!

So here we have it, strange bedfellows indeed... and what do they need the most - oh yes, but of course, Manuela's influence to continue swaying things their way and finally, her vote to seal the deals. Pam Duke & company had their mistakes, but by far, their biggest issue was not giving in to the Kortrights.

No wonder people do not want to move here or even visit and certainly not to invest in creating a business here.

Our town needs to create an environment that attracts businesses that will grow and create real jobs. It is actually possible, seriously this is not just a dream!

However, this will never happen with elected officials solely serving their and their pals needs. Manuela should be the first of this current gang to go. The Kortrights do not need special favors, they are rich enough. The time is now for our town to seriously make a long term plan, and take action. We could be a great town, but not until we all really work together and stop being controlled by local special interest groups who only want to use taxpayer money to make themselves richer.

8:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, if you really want the facts, Manuela was one of the Town Board Members that voted unanimously to place Terry Bernardo on the Town of Rochester Board of Ethics. One would think that if Manuela voted to place Mrs. Bernardo on the Board of Ethics that she felt that she would be a fair and impartial voice on that Board.

Second, I think that Mrs. Bernardo would be smart enough to recuse herself, if Manuela was in front of the Board of Ethics - she has no ax to grind with her.

Third, Manuela is the one trying to deny Terry Bernardo the opportunity to run for County Legislator.

MANUELA was at the Board of Elections today at a hearing with the Commissioners to OBJECT to Terry Bernardo's Legislator petitions. Manuela "claimed" that she only objected to Terry's petitions because Terry objected to hers. Manuela was told emphatically by both Kathy Mihm and Tom Turco that Terry Bernardo NEVER challenged her petitions.... not with General Objections or Specific Objections. Manuela filed BOTH General Objections and Specific Objections to try and deny Terry Bernardo the opportunity to run for Ulster County Legislator.

Manuela's bid to have Terry Bernardo's candidacy stopped by challenging her petitions was denied by both Mihm and Turco. I also heard that Manuela was very disrespectful to Kathy Mihm.

10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:49 You've got some facts a bit twisted.

Kortrights are combining two of their mines into 1 with the DEC. Both have entrances on Rochester Center.
They are proposing to close one.
Nothing about an entrance down further on Samsonville.

12:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I read all of these comments it has become apparent that you are misleading the readers with the headline: "BREAKING NEWS: Manuela Mihaileschu Resigns from Rochester Town Board". It seems to me that Ms. Mihaileschu did not resign from anything.

Then again, after reading all of these comments that you have approved for posting that have attacked non-public figures and promoted violence I really shouldn't be surprised.

What does surprise me is that no one has shut this blog down due to the comments that have been posted.

Never mind Rochester, this is an embarrassment for all of Ulster County.

2:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, if those are the only facts that are not clear, then I am doing pretty well.

Secondly, yes, the lead agency status of that activity is the DEC. They are proposing a permanent closure of the entrance near Queens Highway with all the trucks to use the entrance-exit that is just up the hill from Samsonville Road on Rochester Center Road.

Just to clarify, this is a significant mine expansion and is under review with mining permits at the DEC. The Kortwrights also are developing plans to mine an area off of Cherrytown Road, called Amanda Drive. That material will not be processed (sorted etc.) on site, but rather they would like a permit to allow them to truck it down Cherrytown, up Samsonville and across to the Rochester Center Road facility.

What I am much more concerned about, in terms of the subject of this blog post is - MANUELA. Since early 2008, while she has sat on this board, she has owed the Kortwrights (Mombaccus Excavating) nearly $11,000. During this time she has participated in a variety of presentations and back and forth communications, some of significance, with the Town Board's Special Committee - Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Map Task Force.

The role Manuela, and all Town board members play is too create the charge (structure, purpose, authority etc.) for the task force, approve its members and choose a chair(s). The group then sets about to perform their work while maintaining both formal communication with the town board in terms of progress presentations and reports and on in their less formal manner, a stream of communications related to kinda taking the temperature, so the speak,on the more controversial issues, to determine to what extent is the board willing or not willing to ultimately approve in the final plan.

Having said all of that; for mining, a new zoning district, with special characteristics, has been created call - Natural Resources. This change uniquely impacts the Kortwright's mining lands because they both own so much and are so active in industrial mining, as opposed to a farmer who maintains a gravel or sand operation within the boundaries of their primary agricultural operation.

This represents a significant departure from past zoning practices and at no time during these almost 18 months did Manuela make mention of the fact that she owed $11,000 that was long past due to the largest and primary mining operation to be affected by these zoning changes. It would be very different if she had simply bought a bunch of sand from them make a patio, or had hired them to do some excavating work on her place and paid them. It is a very different thing to be significantly in debt to the very people who are going to be dramatically affected by the laws you are involved in writing and must ultimately approve.

There is no doubt that she should have made a disclosure and recused herself, due to a clear conflict of interest.

2:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We now find out that it was the Kortrights and their front "Accord-Kerhonkson Business Alliance" that painted the signs and spread all the lies about the Duke Zoning Drafts. I guess we owe the Rochester Club an apology. Considering how non-partisan Supervisor Chipman runs the town and the fact that the Kortrights are attacking him just like Supervisor Duke, we all were wrong. Supervisor Chipman is 100% Rochester Club, then and now.

I really think this Manuela mess has shined a light on those that are attempting to stop the progress in Rochester. Kortrights supply the muscle and funding to any disgruntled factions against the administration. Kortrights want things left as they are, mining permitted in every in of Rochester.

Action Plan must be to open all of our Town Board eyes, including Manuela, to the extreme special interest tactics being used against this town for the benefit of one.

9:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WARNING internet identity theft?

A few minutes ago a car was spotted outside, using our open access WIFI. This happens fequently, but in this case the user was a known opposition party member. It is likely that these individuals want to protect their identity or better, use someone elses for political purpose.

10:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though Manuela has signed Federal Bankruptcy petitions that she lives in Queens and Jon signed Federal Bankruptcy petitions that he lives in the commercial apt at 5858 Route 209, they have both now claimed they both live at 5868 Route 209.

Manuela is NOT stepping down from the Rochester Town Board.

And we as taxpayers just have to take it. We have to pay her to be a Town Councilperson, and also allow her to claim an extra exemption on her bankruptcy proceeding allowing them to keep more money and stiff their creditors.

Where is the justice?

I might be more understanding if this were a "normal" bankruptcy. Like if I went bankrupt, I have about a $200,000 mortgage and I owe about $2,500 on my car. If I lost my job tomorrow, that would be the bankruptcy. I have no credit card debt. Zero, zip, nada. No credit card debt, and no debt to local businesses.

I have heard about people who just before they declare bankruptcy go out and run up a bunch of stuff on their credit cards, and then are excused from paying that debt back.

We all pay for that credit card debt. Losing your job and not being able to pay your mortgage is one thing, but losing your job and having $400,000 in credit card debt is unbelievable.

What kind of example is this woman setting as Town Councilperson? She needs to resign now.

4:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get this , the vampire and his wife vampira
are totally defiant about her staying on the town board and running for the leg.

Anyone normal would have been totally embarrassed
by the negative exposure they have gotten in this blog, as it is being e-mailed to a huge amount of people.

They are like street people, acting as if nothing has just happened to them. Ignoring the fact that their
dirty laundry has just been hung out to dry for the entire county to read in utter disgust.

It explains just how disturbed they both are
that they would be so belligerent and continue
on with all this unbelievable negative press.

Hey Manuela, wake the FUC.. UP. No one is going to elect you to anything. Dump your cheating vampire
husband and get a new life.. hopefully out of here.

You are both co dependent nut jobs, you need
psychological help desperately.

10:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it Manuela or is it MaryJane? Each is in love with a Mr. Nasty. Each puts their personal agenda before the Towns. Each hate real men. Each is always right.

Will the REAL Town Board Member please STAND UP!

2:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More on the Manuela and Kortwright connection.

Keith Kortwright is owed 11,000 by Manuela,
because of that obligation ..perhaps that could be why she voted the way he wanted in recent zoning decisions, hereby helping Kortwright reserve his rock mining monopoly area.

In thinking Manuela might be removed from the town board, Kortwright is in a panic and is attempting to put some of his "corrupt friends" to fill the town boards 2 seats up for election this Nov.

We know Tony Jarvis is trying to do Kortwrights bidding running for Highway Supervisor.
He will be in charge of Multi-Million dollar budget and all the no bid contracts it can give.

Not A good thought..they dragged out all the truck
people to support him a few weeks ago.
The thugs came out in droves.

5:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Kortrights are good people. They should just stay out of politics. They are going to take their good name and make it mud. Not smart for a multi-million dollar business that enjoyed flying under the radar until Keith started his whining in public. It's not Oprah, its a Public Hearing. He should call Randy and just "get er done".

7:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:11, you are full of doo doo!

You and your 3 friends responsible for all the comments above are not even able to remember what you wrote.

You mention the bankruptcy discharge. I know you are a famous lawyer, but allow me to clarify this: DISCHARGE means Manuella does not owe anything to anybody. Nor her husband. So they do not owe anything to Kortwrights.

Also, there was no voting taken on the zoning in the last 30 years. Unless Manuella is a time-traveler, she had no opportunity to vote on your "recent zoning decisions". WTF are you talking about?

And what do you mean by "Manuella might be removed from the town board"? According to the headline of the article you post under, Manuella already resigned from the Town Board. What? She did not resign? Impossible, Supervisor Carl Chipman himself told the Blue Stone rag that Manuella's resignation "It's a very tragic and unfortunate situation". What? Stupidity is a very tragic and unfortunate situation? I'll give you that.

8:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The O'Hallorans are good people too. They should just stay out of politics. They are going to take their good name and make it mud. Not smart for a multi-million dollar business that enjoyed flying under the radar.

9:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:59 & 9:55,

The best word to describe your comments is laughable. Why would any "good family" have to "fly under the radar"?

The funniest part is they detest & bad mouth each other.

Thanks for the laugh!

6:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Kortright's are good people.

9:13 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused, did she resign or not?

I hope someone can clear this up for me.


1:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, she did not resign.

She says that she lives in the Town of Rochester (contrary to what she listed on her bankruptcy petition), and the Town Board has accepted that.

There is nothing that can be done unless someone files a court case against her and proves otherwise.

Or unless the bankruptcy court gets involved and starts questioning her different stories.

2:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the paperwork posted here I can't imagine that you don't have the address or phone number of the bankruptcy court. So, what are you waiting for? Have at it! make your calls and prove your point. If there is one.

1:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see how Jeremy got sucked into this, but I expected Jeremy to have the guts to ammend his "breaking news" story. Short of that, who is going to believe him when he really breaks some legitimate news? Be a man Jeremy, say "I goofed!" Better for you to say it, than for everybody else to think it.

3:19 PM

Anonymous Rob Case said...

Ok, ... Stop beating this to death! She didn't resign, and there is no town law that says she has to. She lives in Accord as well as Rego Park. That's all that is required by town law. Now, why don't you nice folks find something else to take up your time and leave these folks alone? I might have more respect if you had the back bone to stop hiding behind "Anonymous" and stand up, to be recognized. Hey, I'm willing to bet that most are in fear that someone may dig around in your closets to see what's in there. "Let him without sin cast the first stone".

6:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, you can't live in both places, you need to pick one primary household. Well... you can live in both, but one is your primary residence and the other is just an asset.

You can't pick Accord to hold office and then claim that your other primary residence is Rego Park so that you can get an extra $50,000 exemption on your bankruptcy.

If you really live in Accord, then amend the bankruptcy petition and give up the Rego Park address to be liquidated to pay your creditors. That's if you really live in Accord. Gee, maybe you could use the money to pay the Kortright's the $11,000 that you owe them. Personally, I wish that you would pay your Citibank and American Express credit cards because I do business with them, and it people like YOU who don't pay their bills that make it more expensive for people like me.

And while were at it, could you pay your taxes??? How can someone be paid taxpayer dollars when they are not paying taxes. Come on - we all need to pay our fair share.

7:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:42, do us all a favor. If it's not too much to ask, ask a bankruptcy lawyer,or check yourself to see what the law is.

You don't have to believe me, but here is the law: any person going through bancruptcy is entitled to a $50,000 homestead exemption. A couple is entitled to $100,000. So where exactly did you come up with the idea of "extra exemption" or "double dipping" (how another anonymous genius put it).

You make a lot of noise about things you have no clue about. For one thing, they live in Kerhonkson.
You saw the post before yours and you jumped to the conclusion that they live in Accord.

I can go on and on proving that your comments are pure bullshit, but what's the point? Somebody asked you to attack Manuela, and nobody is going to confuse you with the facts.

Hope you're happy with your life, but I doubt it.

9:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The New York State Association of Towns just made a ruling that Manuela must step down from her Councilwoman seat immediately.

2:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 9:55

Here are the facts on the Personal Bankruptcy Homestead Exemption:

For a single person he or she is allowed to exempt up to $50,000 in equity in his or her primary residence . A married couple can exempt up to $100,000. The current fair market value of a house, condominium or co-op is determined base on a current appraisal. In chapter 7 case if a debtor has significant equity in excess of his or her homestead exemption the chapter 7 trustee will seek to sell the property – pay off all mortgages and liens on the property -- and pay the debtor the amount of his or her homestead exemption. The balance of funds will be distributed to the debtor’s creditors.

Why many people are upset and essentially saying that this couple has played it fast and loose with the law, is because their primary residence, where they are registered to vote etc. is their home, known as the Old Brick House. There is no equity currently in their home because they owe (between the 2 mortgages) more than its current market value.

It appears that in an attempt to hold onto anything they can, they asserted that that they actually reside at two different locations; the wife in a Rego Park, Queens Co-op she owns and the husband at the antique store on Route 209 in Kerhonkson, for the purpose of their bankruptcy filing.

The double dipping that has been stated probably refers to the fact that if they had been honest about where the live, and have lived, on a day to day basis for the last few years, they would have not been entitled to any Homestead Exemption because the equity does not exist in their primary residence.

Most people would not know or care what this couple did within their bankruptcy if they weren't already controversial in local politics and in the very legal world of politics, specific addresses along with voting districts, elector qualifications and proper petitions and voter registrations can make a big difference in a community and county where elections are sometimes won and lost but the thinnest of margins.

So, 9:55 - don't try to spin this to be about the people who think what this couple has done is dishonest and have stated their feelings about it. It is about personal integrity, the law and doing the right thing.

4:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You 4:26 for the most clear, concise writing I have seen here.
You state the facts perfectly and leave out the personalities in your post.
Very well stated

9:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your a bunch of fools, you ever here of bait & switch. Who helped get Carl Chipman in office. O'Hollaran, Chipman, Ricks and Hornbeck all of them have close ties to (Mombaccos) Keith Kortright. They are just pretending not to get along. The proof republican bonfires on the davis property also signs are left up at Hornbecks + Ricks properties. Who setup the bonfires no other than David O'Hallaran (PINE GROVE). This spring only one time signs go up + come down right away (curious). Under Duke the mining was prohibited. Under Chipman mining is allowed all over town. Under Chipman the mines are a permitted use with a natural resource district. The Kicker: after our committee had done + finished the maps David O'Hallaran switched the zoning line on the Mombaccus property almost to the road. Duke administration had it on top of the hill. When the haul rd. was given to Fisher road David O'Hallaran was head of the planning board. Hmmmm, I wondered why O'Hallaran was calling all of us. This information was obtained through a good source + I just wanted to let you all know you have been gotten by they the good old boys club. O'Hallaran also talked about all the deals he's made good job David. Remember O'Hallaran was part of the Accord Kerhonkson business alliance!!

7:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I want to say is my family has been her for generations and so as the Kortrights. They are very good hearted people that speak from the Heart as well as my family always has done. Hmmmmm, myself off hand has know the Kortright Fam. for a long time and they are very kind, sweet people. Keith Kortright is a man that I see speaks from the heart that is a very sweet man unlike O'hallaran that is only for himself and that dump that he calls a business (PINE GROVE). Or the old Dooners parking lot that looks like a junk yard for O'Hallarens crap!!!.. HAHA the best is look at Chipman front yard holy crap that a junk yard in its self I dont even have to say anymore then that!!! My point is you look at Kieth Kortright that will take the time to speak to everyone in the community on the bull shit that Chipman and O'Hallaran are doing to the community, my oppinion that one hell of a man with one big heart for this community to say and do what he does for all of use. How many of u would stand up and do the things that Keith Kortright does none of you will so shut your mouths until you have the balls to do what that sweet man does, your to scared what people will think of you unlike them they care and have a heart for there land and how hard they worked there entire lives to have and do what they do!!!! Keith Kortright is a very sweet man that speaks from the heart as well as his entire family give him some credit hes fighting for everone of you not just himself!!! (Daisy)!!!!... Think and see before you judge.....

11:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust me, O'Halloran and Kortright are not pretending to not get along. They really are not getting along. Kortright carried petitions against David for a State Committee seat. People who are getting along don't carry petitions against the other person for something like a State Committee seat.

11:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Carol Chipman All I have to say is you got BEER!!!!...

11:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that petition was for that stupied Zoning that are dumb ass O'Hallaran did I sighned it because, one of the things in it was to hide trailers and other things out of view!! SORRY O'Hallaran we all dont have money like you, and a house like you have we all know you didnt make that much money from your business!!!!..(DRUGS GET IT)

12:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this blog need to know that
Ohalloran is really running the show in the town in order to enrich
his questionable and seriously under assessed health condemned kingdom, on 600
plus acres .
He routinely stuffs 9 inner city kids in a room at a time, ( really disgusting) trying to make as much $$$ as he can, taking their safety and welfare into jeopardy.( You should read all the blogs on the children complaining)

Chipman is the pool-boy, takes orders , a puppet for his master, they work together to get what Ohalloran wants.

,Tavi Celente , Dogar,
Manuela Shane Ricks. Imere Beke Jr., Gaydos ,Striano, Veronica Sommers, Dymond are all club members, They even pulled out "former SS
Officer" and wife swapper-Bob Baker to sign on .
When both Baker and Dymond worked at the Ellenville barracks it was cited with a very high level of corruption. Dymond was "asked " to retire early.

This unsavory tribe created a "club" and used POOR Manuela as the victim to remove the democrats, as they were
trying to put laws in place to protect taxpayers properties from the "clubs" self enriching agenda. A bit of a problem for the club as they wanted to cash in. They even went as far to send out porn mail to the entire town.. trying to trump up an angry violent mob ( hate club) in an effort to use Manuela as the victim. Claiming she was being attacked by all the nasty outsiders. ( she had been living here for only 3 years)

Unfortunately, this goes against the let me make as much money with my swampland that I pretend is build-able. Selling it to suckers who will be living in flood zones and wetlands with continuous flooded basements, etc.

The "CLUB members" used Manuela for their gain
and Dogar used them, thinking he would get do their websites and make money , as he had no real job. We now know that never happened and O'halloran and Dogar are now enemies.

This is very bad place to spend your money to live,
run as fast as you can, as it has been run like a third world country. Total corrupt ignoramus's have ruled here for decades, it's a sh..thole

11:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see you here Keith

10:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the matter Dave, don't like a taste of your own medicine. Tough pill to swallow, huh?

I hope this helps familiarize you with the old expression: what comes around goes around.

Those who have been the target of your malicious nature feel that this is long overdue and has been a long time coming.

Appears that you're continuing to lose your "supporters" and it's just a matter of time that you're standing all by yourself.

Keep up the great work!

8:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really 8:08?? I don't think that David is nasty malicious one... I think that is Jon Dogar... surely you must have the two confused.

1:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have anything constructive to add? It doesn't take reading this blog for any aware person in the Accord/Kerhonkson area to know that many elected officials have made laws and appointments to boards and committees to favor themselves and their friends. Self dealing here has been standard operating procedure for many generations. None of this is news.

It is also not news that the area is a sh**hole in terms of run down dilapidated housing, trailer parks, yards that look like truck stops, garbage dumped out car windows, no street signs, the first thing you see on main street is that rat infested store.

The only thing that is worse is the complete tolerance for teenagers who are dropouts, who can barely read and write, large numbers of people who smoke cigarettes, as if the rates of cancer aren't high enough, people of all ages who take hard, but cheap, street drugs like meth, crack and heroin or who drink cheap hard liquor, spend their marginal money on tattoos, Nascar merchandise, lottery tickets, or even worse; pregnant young teenaged girls or the many unemployed(able)young men, the large number of people, young and old, who have already lost their teeth due to lack of even basic dental care. The moms and dads who cannot afford to get treatment for illnesses like diabetes that eventually kill them.

Perhaps other things are worse, families who become homeless because they cannot afford oil and one night the kerosene or wood stove with the coal backs up, fire in the walls, smoke in the house = death + homelessness. This is the reality of 'rural character' - rural poverty is very real and is right here.

This town cannot afford one more minute of self dealing, politically connected people who prey on poor people for cheap labor, or to buy their land real cheap or through tax auctions to develop.

Nor can this town afford government by weekenders who just don't see the real day to day problems around them.

Nor can this town afford a political party formed to unite the local folks in protection of the rural character/poverty, because that just perpetuates more poverty.

We need leaders who actually care, who will not put their interests first, but rather will work with others to set realistic goals to attract and to encourage the growth of jobs, because anyone can tell you, its all about the jobs.

If young people had realistic hope that they could have a good job, would they allow themselves to get knocked up or drop out? Maybe some, but some would think twice. If people had jobs that paid them a decent wage would they live in some run down crappy trailer, maybe some, but not all. If the choice was taking meth all night or getting sleep to go to work in the morning, would at least some young men choose going to work, of course!

We need visionary leadership on the town and county level. The more we elect these self dealing morons the more the only employers in this town will get to take advantage by paying people minimum wage for busing tables, cleaning camp sites, driving school buses at the few places that employ people here.

The beauty, truth and responsibility of our wonderful democracy is that you get what you vote for.

As long as the people of Rochester/Accord/Kerhonkson keep living the poor country way and the more you keep electing the same people for all the wrong reasons the longer you will continue to be ignorant and impoverished, just as you tell the world you are so proud to be.

The day you decide you want better than to be 'the boy' of this gang of hoodlums that have run this town like their private piggybanks is the day you will actually have something to be proud of. Kick them to the street and take back your lives. Tell your children to stay in school, keep their legs together, keep cigarettes and drugs out of their bodies, reject the stereotypes and take control of your lives, live better, cleaner and with hope, reach for a better life, make your town a great town, not the sh**hole it is right now.

You actually CAN DO IT!

2:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment is for 2:53pm. I was very upset to read what you wrote, Everything you said was about trailer trash, drugs, garbage, road signs you make me sick to my stomack. I lived in a trailer growing up I had a mother and father that worked there asses off to give me everything they could. We had nothing, but today I have whatever, I want I have worked sence i was 14 paid for anything I wanted!! You know what ass it made me a better person I worked hard now I take care of them. People like you came from shit handed to them never wanted for anything in your life you are the ones we dont want in are town to look DOWN an the hard workers that try as hard as they can everyday that most give back to community and will help people that need it, unlike assholes like you.

7:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really 1:47!

I don't believe either (or any of them) are saints. However, Jon doesn't stand behind the lines, manipulate his unknowing soldiers - with little or no regard to their reputation, career or families - into a battle they know very little about for his own cause - all while sitting back with a charismatic smile and acting surprised.

Get to know Dave - of course, at your own expense of becoming one of his soldiers.


9:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jealousy is such an ugly characteristic 11:03. You should really focus on yourself instead of envying what David has and you don't. It isn't hard to figure out who wrote the post. Loser.

8:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its nice to see your blogging here alysse ricks (8:08). Didja get your grand from cowboy danny already?

10:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 7:28

What you wrote is exactly the point -

"I lived in a trailer growing up I had a mother and father that worked there asses off to give me everything they could. We had nothing, but today I have whatever, I want I have worked sence i was 14 paid for anything I wanted!! made me a better person I worked hard now I take care of them."

You worked hard, I bet you parents kept you place nice, you didn't have a bunch of broked stuff all over your yard, you went to school, worked damned hard and now you have a better life.

My point is that there are many that do not do what you did. I am cerain that not all the kids you knew growing up had good outcomes like you have. Many are probably dead or very ill. Some live in the same trailer, now all run down, that they grew up in. Their children have no goals and they are allowing this town to rot around them because they do not feel hope. So, then they or their kids make bad choices, drugs, alcohol, smoking, wasting money on crap, dropping out of school, having children in their teens, continuing in perpetual poverty.

Believe me, I did not have or am I "shit handed to them never wanted for anything in your life you are the ones we dont want in are town to look DOWN an the hard workers that try as hard as they can everyday that most give back to community and will help people that need it"

I just believe that we can do much much better in our town. We have to start by stopping the way we elect these guys who are using this town as their personal piggybanks. We have to stop working for minimum wage. We need to clean up our town, make it an attractive and positive looking place.

We can't let these scoundrels who sit on Town Boards and committees to continue to push for laws to allow more more open pit mining, more trailer parks and strip shopping centers because that is a big turn off for people who may be thinking of moving a quality business here. We need to attract businesses to settle and grow here.

We really could have a better town if we did the right things instead of the wrong ones.

1:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:08 - did I miss the 11:03 post or were you already hitting the bottle early this morning?

1:29 - maybe YOU should start by having a better opinion of all your "dropout, illiterate, cigarette smoking, drug using, drunken, Nascar loving, lottery scratching, unemployed, toothless & tattooed" neighbors.

You make it sound like most of the residents of Rochester aren't smart enough to find their way in and out of a voting booth, let alone pull the lever you'd like them to. It is very sad that you think so little of the people of this community. It's quite possible that you might change you're opinion if you would take the time out of your perfect little life and meet & talk to them. We have MANY fine people in this community - and yes, some of them may be toothless, tattooed & smoke cigarettes but they wouldn't hesitate to help a neighbor in need. I actually think you could learn something from them.

6:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is it that Jon Dogar-Marinesco and Trisha Kortright can be screwing each other in Manuela's house, but Manuela doesn't claim to be a victim of these two lovers.

Isn't she a victim of her own husband's inability to keep his pee-pee in his pants? Why isn't she crying to anyone who will listen about how she was victimized by that tramp Trisha Kortright and her own husband?

Gold digga Trish moved on when she found out that she couldn't excavate any cash from bankrupt Dogar. She figured she could get more out of the Kortrights.

11:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 6:34

What exactly should I think about "dropout, illiterate, cigarette smoking, drug using, drunken, Nascar loving, lottery scratching, unemployed, toothless & tattooed neighbors." Are these the qualities you value? Is dropping out of school, being illiterate, smoking, taking drugs etc, acceptable to you?

If you cannot read or write perhaps you are barely smart enough to find your way in and out of a voting booth, let alone to pull any lever as an informed voter.

We DO have MANY fine people in this community - and yes, some of them may be toothless, tattooed & smoke cigarettes but they wouldn't hesitate to help a neighbor in need. I agree with this, but being a responsible member of a community means participating in building a future for our children. It means not accepting these awful vices that go hand in hand with poverty, especially rural poverty, as part of the way we have to be. It means working to improve things for people.

There are many issues here in our town. The point on this blog was about Manuela and I feel she was elected for all the wrong reasons (not that the alternatives were better).

As long as some guy like Jon Dogar Marinesco and the others who support his tactics, are willing to destroy any potential candidate, by any means necessary, using the internet and newsletters etc., potential leaders of quality will not be be willing to run for office in our town.

As long as we keep hating the democrats just for being democrats and likewise from the democrats, we get what we sow; a bunch of self serving people who only use their position to enrich themselves and their friends.

Rochester has many great people, and unfortunately the town looks like a dump and the voices of all those great people is never heard because this Republican Club group has taken over. Even though they are fighting among themselves, they will say and do anything to keep control. Any our entire town is further damaged because of it.

2:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

response to 11:48

I figurred he was trying to get in good with trish so he could dump his wife and end up with trish and her soon to be ex-husbands money. maybe if things went differently he would have blackmailed trish.

How any female could think that beat up looking old man is a hottie has got to be blind and crazy.

6:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is her non payment of Property Taxes part of her bankruptcy?

Why isnt the town putting a tax Lein on her property?

Why does she get SPECIAL treatment?

We all work very very hard in this town, and she blows through $500,000 and still wants to be in charge of OUR tax dollars?? NO WAY !!

Bad economy is her excuse. Yeah, we all have it bad, but $500,000. That's 10 years of pay for me.

Just say NO to Manuela Mihaileschu. She screwed up her life, Don't let her spend OUR money now.

10:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Manuela continue to attack and not support fellow Republicans? What is her real agenda?

When the Town of Rochester Town Board got to appoint a Town Justice to replace Deborah Schneer, they had a majority Chipman (R), Cilenti (R), Manuela (R), Archer (D) and Spano (D). Mel Tapper, a longtime Republican Committeeman, former County Leg Candidate and former Town Justice Candidate WANTED the job. Not like wanted it a little bit... showed vague interest - NO, he was very clear that he wanted it a lot. So what did Manuela, Cilenti and Chipman do? Manuela abstained... Thanks Manuela! Cilenti and Chipman voted for THE DEMOCRAT! Now we have a new Democratic judge in the Town of Rochester. What a two faced hypocrit. It's interesting that Chipman won't have a Democratic opponent for Supervisor this year... I'm just sayin'.....

3:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Manuela's husband filing objections at the Board of Elections to Terry Bernardo's Legislative petitions? .... because "supposedly" she filed objections against Manuela. NOT TRUE... and the BOE told Jon that.

Forget about their logic which is laughable.... they claim Bernardo's petitions should be invalided because she only put Ulster County Legislator, District One... Dogar claims that she should have written out: Town of Rochester, Town of Wawarsing, Village of Ellenville, Town of Marbletown, election district one. (I think he included either Denning or Hardenburgh too, which is laughable because they are not even in District One)

Not only did his objection get rejected because he didn't file it on time, but he was also told that even if he did file it on time it would have been rejected because "District One" is all that is required - you don't have to list all of the Towns that make up the district.

I can see it now... Petitions 101 According to Jon Dogar-Marinesco - State Senators having to list every Town in their District on their petition... Assemblmen too!

Do we really want people that are this clueless about our political process serving us?

These two claim that they are the victims of a smear campaign and have been wronged by the UC Republicans - but they are the ones who are busy with their website doing the smearing, Manuela used her vote to NOT support a fellow Republican for Town Justice and her husband tried to have another Republican thrown off the ballot by invalidating her petitions.

Who are the real smearers? Manuela and Jon if you ask me.

4:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Response to 4:28

Clearly Dogar is a smearer, and perhaps he is a bit psychotic about it too. Dogar still hasn't gotten the message that has been said over and over on this blog; that he damages this entire community every time he creates one of those attack pages similar to what is the main page of the rochester republicans site now.

Not only does he destroy a chance for meaningful dialog, cooperative community spirit but he creates a image of our town that is incredibly unappealing.

Those who support this ongoing negative spirit are supporting the failure of our town to thrive, grow. prosper and be a place where a person would want to move to, build a business in or even to visit.

Those who have any influence over this guy should think long and hard about this entire methodology of political discourse and hopefully, redirect yours and Dogar's creativity into a positive direction.

It is just a matter of time before voters will eventually see how much this is hurting our community and will no longer support Dogar's destructive efforts. No one wants to allow their town to be further damaged by Dogar's pathological behavior.

8:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second Response to 4:28

I am not sure if I agree that Manuela is a smearer. It is hard to not think that she has been actually victimized here, not by Pam Duke and Co., not by the UC Republican party, but by her husband, Jon Dogar-Marinesco.

A out of town friend of mine, who knows no one in this town or much of anything about our town, had a chance meeting of Jon & Manuela while with me recently. Without knowing any of the sordid history, after meeting them, she immediately exclaimed, "She is a classic abused woman!" Before telling her about the history, I asked her to explain what she said. She pointed out the various behavior clues that all point to psychological abuse using control, domination, and intimidation built around the victim's vulnerability and fear of abandonment.

After hearing this and discussing the entire history of this couple, as publicly known, I actually felt a great deal of compassion and sorrow for Manuela. I now believe that her monstrous husband has worked to actually destroy any chance of real accomplishment by her because he is incapable of his own.

9:04 PM